About Us

About CASP

Lubricant Redefined

For light to heavy industries. Modern machinery or engines are getting more complex and require more maintenance than in the past. An unscheduled repair is no longer merely an inconvenience. It is now a financial liability due to income/opportunity losses or performance penalties when your rental assets are unavailable or worst case an unforeseen expensive repair cost.

What is CASP?

CASP is a metal armor and friction reducer product. CASP is an energy saver and also an eco-friendly product.

How does CASP work?

Throughout the years much efforts and researches has been spend on red udng friction by enhancing the lubricant lubricity or by adding metal/solid particles (Molybdenum, Tungsten, Teflon and etc) to Increase lubricant pressure capa-bility.
Our approach is different to us the root cause of the friction is the frictional metal part itself and lubricant Is add to ease the friction.
CASP Product is formulated with the latest state of art formulation which has the ability to fold and strengthen the surfaces of any metal asperities thus creating a smoother and armor like surface.